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Microsoft’s PC maker of choice

Take a look at the homepage for Microsoft Office. Look carefully. Go to school with Office []

Windows Vista: headed in the right direction

Another sublime discovery by Photoshop Disasters.

Can Microsoft save Vista?

Short answer: No. Long answer at Ars Technica: They can at least stop being PR wallflowers about it. Microsoft has stayed relatively tight-lipped about the issues Vista faces. All the while, competitors like Apple have harped on problems like driver … Continue reading

Mossberg’s guide to switching from Windows to Mac

Walt Mossberg of All Things Digital writes up a primer on getting used to the Mac you’ve finally bought after giving up on Windows. This column isn’t an argument for making the switch to a Mac, merely an attempt to … Continue reading

HP Mini-Note finds it difficult to run after being Visted

What happens when you wed the current fashion for lightweight, low-price subnotebooks with Windows Vista? Misery, if Laptop Mag’s look at HP’s Mini-Note is any indication. Reviewer Joanna Stern’s attempt to use it as her primary machine doesn’t go too … Continue reading

Sharp/Willcom D4 UMPC is tiny, gorgeous, and runs Vista

Straddling the line between PDA and UMPC — and ending up looking something like an Atari Lynx — the just-announced Willcom D4, co-created with Sharp, is an Intel Atom-powered computer capable of running Windows Vista. It has a five-inch touchscreen … Continue reading