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Microsoft's PC maker of choice


Take a look at the homepage for Microsoft Office. Look carefully.

Go to school with Office []…

Windows Vista: headed in the right direction


Another sublime discovery by Photoshop Disasters.…

Can Microsoft save Vista?


Short answer: No.

Long answer at Ars Technica: They can at least stop being PR wallflowers about it.

Microsoft has stayed relatively tight-lipped about the issues Vista faces. All the while, competitors like Apple have harped on problems like

Mossberg's guide to switching from Windows to Mac

Walt Mossberg of All Things Digital writes up a primer on getting used to the Mac you've finally bought after giving up on Windows.

This column isn’t an argument for making the switch to a Mac, merely an attempt to

HP Mini-Note finds it difficult to run after being Visted


What happens when you wed the current fashion for lightweight, low-price subnotebooks with Windows Vista? Misery, if Laptop Mag's look at HP's Mini-Note is any indication.

Reviewer Joanna Stern's attempt to use it as her primary machine doesn't go too …

Sharp/Willcom D4 UMPC is tiny, gorgeous, and runs Vista


Straddling the line between PDA and UMPC — and ending up looking something like an Atari Lynx — the just-announced Willcom D4, co-created with Sharp, is an Intel Atom-powered computer capable of running Windows Vista. It has a five-inch touchscreen …