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HP to Microsoft: We're creating a gray market for Windows XP whether you like it or not

It's an internet fact that Microsoft fudges its Vista sales stats, but here's the sharp end of the stick: HP openly admitting that it inflates the headcount. By selling license for Vista but actually pre-installing XP on new computers, it …

Report: Intel says no to Vista

Intel's decided to stick with Windows XP, skipping Vista until the next edition of Windows comes steaming out of Ballmer's pores. The Inquirer's Charlie Demerjian sums up the issue:

"When a company as tech savvy as Intel, with full source

Pay $6,850 to make MacBook somewhat uglier


The Monk Bogballe Workstation is an Apple MacBook denuded and placed inside a larger, nastier case. An expansive bezel allows it to resemble a television set from 1987, an illusion only furthered by a display enclosure that is larger than …

iPhone sullied with Vista skin


With so many iPhone-derived skins knocking around on Windows Mobile handsets, why not? Perhaps the fact that this reversal is so obviously perverse illustrates how damaged the brand is. Cult of Vista, anyone?

Download (requires jailbreak, SSH, Summerboard) [via Technabob