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Daniel Eindhoven's homemade coil gun


You're looking at Daniel Eindhoven's "MV CoilMaster Mark1 Coil Gun", capable of shooting metal slugs at speeds up to 110km/h. I'm not sure why it has a light bulb, but I think we can all agree that all guns …

Soldiers accidentally blinding each other with lasers

David Hambling:

The problem is that the GBD-III is not intended to dazzle. The makers say call it "the most powerful military grade visible lasers available" and "used for weapon aiming or marking targets for fire support." They quote

NERF N-Force Thunder Fury sword reviewed (Verdict: "*THWAP*")


NERF has released a new foam sword with a plastic core that Ben Kuchera finds made "a wonderful *THWAP* sound." The N-Force Thunder Fury is $13.

Toy designers' variable velocity gun plays for keeps


David Hambling explains the "VVWS", the "Variable Velocity Weapon System" from toy design firm Lund & Company that can fire either lethal bullets or low-velocity, non-lethal rounds:

The version of the VVWS currently being developed would be a purely

Pocket Shark: The Pen of Death


This $7 marker is made of grivory, which is some sort of reinforced plastic. The intention is to create a pen that is also a capable weapon.

Adage Fail: The makers failed to get through their pitch without saying "The …

Knife Porn: Four years waiting and one month with the Randall Model 1 Fighting Knife


Guest Review by Chris Abraham

After four years, I finally received my bespoke, hand-made, Randall Model 1 "All-Purpose Fighting Knife." Unstead of tearing right into the box, I paused and filmed a nine-minute unboxing video and took some photos …

Video: Motorcade SUVs with miniguns in the trunk

Those black SUVs that travel with a presidential motorcade? They very well may have a 7.62mm minigun inside.…

Blast Knuckles: when turning someone's jaw into goo isn't enough


There comes a point in every conversation where someone's teeth must be sent to chatter down the throat to chatter about the sphincter. Some arguments can only be solved by a sneezing of brains. These Blast Knuckles are just electrifyingly …

Icon Warthog motorcycle puts the A-10 on the I-10


"The Warthog" is a show bike from Icon which suggests what should become standard equipment for fabulous road warriors: a cute little mini-gun. Sure, aiming might be difficult, but the rotation of the barrels should add an extra axis of …

Fully Loaded Chair is stuffed with shotgun shells


Alexander Reh's Fully Loaded Chair is composed of a solid steel frame stuffed to the bore with 12-gauge shotgun shells. I like the thoughtful design: notice that the payload points away from the sitter. You can be confident in haphazardly …