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RipRoar Creation Station: At-Home Greenscreen

The ToyQuest “RipRoar Creation Station” is a VGA-resolution webcam—nothing special there—with a mountable green screen and software package for compositing your own special effects shots. While I’m sure most of these will be used to film battles against lightsaber-wielding dragon … Continue reading

The Future of Television: Two Girls Shooting Each Other with Tasers

Fortunately, the girls from Shiny Shiny didn’t actually play Taser Tag with real Tasers, but instead with toy “Shocking Guns,” which transmit a mild—but still squeal-inducing—shock via a small metal plate on the handle of each gun when your opponent … Continue reading

Video: Overdrift: Stage 2 Teaser

Oh, happy day! The best multi-dimensional drift racing series on the web is coming back for more dinosaur archeology adventures. (If this video doesn’t fill you with abundant glee, you may want to watch the video below. Or you may … Continue reading

Video: The Inassailable Awesomeness of Overdrift

I know we’re all just getting to know each other here, so I thought this might help you get a better idea of my sensibilities. Created as a pilot for an online video competition, The Duncan Bros.’s Overdrift is the … Continue reading

Video: Disco-Flavored Datsun 10th Anniversary 280ZX “Black Gold” Commercial

“So lavishly appointed there are virtually no options.” Moustache very much not optional.

Video: Content-Aware Image Resizing

This SIGGRAPH presentation by Dr. Ariel Shamir has some lovely technology that may find its way into web browsers of the future, although if it does, we’ll have to come up with some new visual indicator for images that have … Continue reading