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Is Apple's tablet a kindle-killer?

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At Gizmodo, Briam Lam writes about the true target of Apple' tablet: readers.

Two people related to the NYTimes have separately told me that in June, paper was approached by Apple to talk about putting the paper on a "new

Cars! BBG visits Mercedes-Benz' telematics research lab

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Pale and precise behind rimless spectacles, Johann Jungwith looks the consummate engineer; though a longtime U.S. resident, Formula 1 is still his sport. As president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz' U.S. research arm, it's his responsibility to oversee development of new …

Report: 30 percent of NYC iPhone calls dropped

It's true that bandwidth is precious -- so precious it must be rationed! So AT&T's "3G" cellular "network" goes, and iPhone users get to enjoy the results: almost a third of all calls placed on the small Apple get dropped …

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At Woot, @joeljohnson is totally in the can for Microsoft. Link

Sorry if you got caught in the spam filter

It got more aggressive of late and I just noticed a few dozen good comments in the spam bucket. Humblest apols if your deathless prose did not make it "in time" to the posts in question!…

Peek lifetime subscriptions return


Peek's selling lifetime subscriptions again. $300 gets you the email-only handset and the WWAN hookup it needs, for ever. To demythologize that a little--let's say lifetime is 5 years--that's about $5 a month, or a third of the normal price. …

"No Quiet," a watch band-like ring


Snap-on bottle top for soda cans


The more you think about it, the less sense it makes.…

Tablet computer gallery

Wired's Brian Chen polishes off the history of tablet computers ... beginning in 1888.

Latitude Z


That Dell's new Latitude is $2,000 suggests quality and high specifications are involved, but this one has a trick up its sleeve: wireless recharging, thanks to the (wired) dock that comes with it.

It's it nice, also, to see …