PSP Go reviewed and ripped apart

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Sony’s renovated Playstation Portable gets its public debut, and performs as expected: it is a smaller, better, less UMD-ey gaming gadget. Ross Miller calls it a sturdy, classier game system but chokes on the mean-spirited marketing gamesmanship that Sony will never, ever realize is bad for its image. “Needless to say, there’s still no second analog stick” adds Mark Wilson, who finds its charms dated by newer tech like the ZuneHD.

iFixit provides the most interesting coverage, as usual, splaying the machine’s insides out for the world to see and understand, a tableux that our future robot masters will doubtless cite in their condemnation of mankind. On the other hand, maybe it is merely an exercise waiting to be recapitulated as art.

Behold! RED camera accessories rendered in THE THIRD DIMENSION


It is unfair to accuse RED of pushing vaporware, as its technology is real and it rules. But its relentless teasing of product concepts hit the hype ceiling long ago, and maintaining the interest of those already convinced is the order of the day. Today’s news is that some accessories made the omnidirectional leap from working prototype to 3D rendering. Meanwhile, intrigued amateurs drift back to affordable prosumer junk, while the “DSLR cams that also shoot HD” meme is already last year’s dog and pony show, precisely 12 months old.

Put linux on a Zipit, get a $40 netbook

A cheap little cellular WiFi handheld, Zipit does instant messaging in similarly single-minded fashion to how the Peek does e-mail. Unlike the Peek, however, the Zipit now has a real Linux distribution that turns it into a cute, ingenious, and nearly-useless laptop. From Lilliputing:

You might be interested in running Linux, installing DOSbox, or maybe an NES emulator. The Zipit has a 300MHz XScale processor, 32MB of RAM, and a Mini-SD card slot for stroage. It has a 2.8 inch QVGA display and a 1000mAh Li-Ion battery. It connects to 802.11b/g WiFi networks. And if you follow a series of steps from hacker Hunter Davis, you can install a working Linux operating system with the Fluxbox window manager.

“The speakers are remarkably underpowered,” says Hunter Davis, creator of this neat how-to video.


Cars! Battle of the little green electric urban go-carts


Nissan’s Leaf is out next year; a year after that comes the Reva NXG, recently shown off at the Frankfurt motor show.

It’s a similarly equipped little plug-in, with the emissions of a butterfly and the driving range of a bee: it lasts 125 miles and can go 80 MPH. Perfect for Pittsburgh, but not so much for anything that involves tasks other than shopping and commuting. Unless it is making technologically suspect “MPG” claims, of course! But still, I want one: in pastel lime green, naturally. And with a free tankful of electrons. [Jalopnik]

Cars! Natural Gas street-rod blasts out of gangster age


AVF Tech’s 1933 Ford Street-Rod contains a 7-liter engine, drive-by-wire and a six speed automatic gearbox. When completed, it’ll push out 600 hp and blow away just about everything else manufactured in the last 75 years.

Oh, yes, and it runs on natural gas. [AVF Tech via TA]



So, you think Moleskines are expensive? Behold, the Notepod! [Notepod via Awesomer]

AT&T complains about Google Voice

AT&T claims that because Google blocks certain numbers from association with its Google Voice service, it violates net neutrality principles. [NYT] It’s all about fees at the back end: poky local telcos scam the big carriers on connection charges. But whereas big carriers are forced to allow the connections, Google Voice is not.

The flaw in the argument is, of course, that Google Voice isn’t a telco. It’s a new application of existing technology that supercedes the business model that telcos rely on. Among other things, Google Voice makes it obvious that the services carriers charge for are worthless, and that bandwidth is their only real product.

Gameboy innards


Inside DMG [Drop 1410’s Flickr via Gameovr] (Also see the awesome Gameboy camera photos)

KONG vs. New York reincarnated in flash


Man, these games sucked.


From Rick Dickinson’s photostream.


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