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One reason why Apple won't radically redesign the MacBook Pro

A few days ago, Cult of Mac's Leigh McMullen claimed that the MacBook Pro should not be redesigned, as it's started to attain a valuable kind of mindshare: its current appearance is becoming entwined with the general public's …

Hey look, it's an Apple rumor (but really more about secrecy)


Valleywag (I know) is reporting a rumor (I know, I know) that Apple's (It's interesting, okay?) advertising agency commissioned the building of a fake Apple store on the Warner Bros. lot so they could film a secret commercial, inevitably something …

Leaked Verizon "Can You Hear Me Now?" Style Book is Hilarious


My friends at Consumerist have uncovered the Verizon style/branding guidelines for the "Can You Hear Me Now? Good!" character and they're a trove of unintentional brainwashed humor:

Test man is:

25-35 years old
The embodiment of Verizon Wireless employees

Wes Anderson's AT&T Commercials

Whether you like Wes Anderson or think he's a pretentious twerp—and really, couldn't it be both?—you have to admit the man knows how to put a commercial together. While these new spots for AT&T aren't as tongue-in-cheek as his previous …