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Why so many plane crashes in 2009?


It's been a pretty bad year for airplane accidents &mdash 36 and (hopefully not) counting, including a cargo plane crash in the Congo just yesterday that resulted in seven fatalities. Is it just a series of freak accidents or a …

Airplane Graveyard

Picture 85.jpg

The fabled graveyard where those pachyderms of the sky amble off to die with one last bellow and a final feeble musth. Click the link for an awesomely zoomable Google Map.

Airplane Graveyard [Satellite Sightseer]…

Philip Isohe's detailed airplane models from rubbish

AfriGadget profiles Philip Isohe, a talented maker who creates detailed, working (but not flyable) model airplanes out of scrap.

Icon, the folding Light Sport Aircraft


I was ready to love the Icon foldable airplane — I still want to give Davin Coburn a stiff uppercut for pitching a learn-to-fly-in-a-week story to PopMech before I did — but the promotional material surrounding the little two-seater Light …

Boeing (Boeing) Flies First Fuel Cell Airplane


Boeing has successfully flown the very first hydrogen fuel cell-powered airplane in Madrid, the company announced.

A two-seat Dimona motor-glider with a 16.3 meter (53.5 foot) wingspan was used as the airframe. Built by Diamond Aircraft Industries of Austria, it

SR-71 Blackbird by Lego Monster


Any day I can make even oblique references to the SR-71 Blackbird is a good day, but this model from "Lego Monster" makes today a full-throttle holiday. It's even got the dual cockpit.

Model Set [Flickr via The Brothers Brick

Airbus A380 Cockpit Pictures


Let us bask for a moment in the majesty of the Airbus A380 cockpit, full as it is of flush flat panels, knobs, and various things to keep the pilots distracted so the autopilot can do its job.

AVING got …

Inflight USB Power Unit Charges Gadgets from Airline Audio Jacks


The Inflight USB Power Unit pulls power out of your in-seat audio jack and bridges it to a USB connection, allowing you to charge any device that can be charged over USB. I have to admit, I'm a little surprised …