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Siemens puts a coffee maker in the kitchen wall


As attractive as the Siemens TK76K572 coffee maker wall unit may be, I can't say I'd want to commit myself so fully to just one method of bean juicing. But in my mythical world of unlimited resources, it's undeniably swanky. …

Scooter Built from Old Appliances


Artist Nemo Gould is building this fine-looking scooter from old gadgets and appliances, including a tail-light made from an old '50s vacuum cleaner.

The pictures on his site actually aren't in black-and-white, but for some reason that's the way OS …

Siemens Long Slot "Executive" Toaster


The guard on the top of this "Executive Edition" toaster from Siemens—for that upwardly mobile middle manager for whom only the finest toasts will do—allows it to push bread up farther than normal toasters, preventing those awful times when you …