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On the Aptera 2e production model


Chuck Squatriglia for Autopia:

We won't see a production model for another couple of months. It will be a little more square when viewed from the front, a concession made to increase interior room and allow the windows to

Aptera can't get subsidy money because the 2e has three wheels, not four

Mother Jones went with the makers of the Aptera 2e electric car to Washington, which is apparently not getting any subsidy from the government because it has three wheels instead of four.

GM has requested $8 billion from this same …

Spy photos of the Aptera 2e plug-in car


A fan from the Aptera Forum snapped these pictures of two plug-in model 2e hybrids waiting to be shown off at the TED conference tomorrow. There's really no reason to get overly excited about them—I mean, tomorrow—but I adore …

Aptera Hybrid Making Cameo in the Star Trek Movie?


Spy shots from the set of the upcoming Star Trek movie show two items of note: the Starfleet-issue miniskirts are back (and about time!) and the three-wheel Aptera Hybrid might be making a cameo in the movie. An Aptera can …

PopMech Gets First Drive of the Aptera Electric Car


First: I hate the stupid-ass Brightcove player that Popular Mechanics uses for their video that makes embedding difficult.

Second: I hate those stupid-ass Popular Mechanics editors for getting to drive an Aptera Typ-1e before I had a chance too. It's …

The Fascination: Nebraska's Three-Wheeled Space Car


While the three-wheeled "Fascination" looks to have been constructed in full-sized prototype form in the early '70s, its engine, a "Nobel Gas Plasma Engine" that needed no fuel to operate 60,000 miles, was not. (Wonder why!)

A reader to PopCult

Aptera's Steve Fambro Interviewed About Three-Wheeled Egg Car


Gizmag has a nice piece up about the Aptera Typ-1 vehicle, hung on an interview with co-founder and CEO Steve Fambro. The more I hear about this car, the more entranced I become. They are reporting a projected 300mpg for …

Aptera Three-Wheeled Electric Car May Reach Production


The design of the upcoming Aptera car will provoke binary reactions—I for one think it's lovely. And unlike a lot of crazy electric cars, chances are decent that the Aptera will be produced. You can reserve one now for a …