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Online dating in war zones

USA Today (via Danger Room):

"It always amazes me when I think about how I had to go to Iraq to meet the person I would be with back in the United States," says Jonathan Stoddard, 26, who met

Soldiers accidentally blinding each other with lasers

David Hambling:

The problem is that the GBD-III is not intended to dazzle. The makers say call it "the most powerful military grade visible lasers available" and "used for weapon aiming or marking targets for fire support." They quote

Toy designers' variable velocity gun plays for keeps


David Hambling explains the "VVWS", the "Variable Velocity Weapon System" from toy design firm Lund & Company that can fire either lethal bullets or low-velocity, non-lethal rounds:

The version of the VVWS currently being developed would be a purely

Army Establishes Internal Games Office

The Army has set up a project office specifically for building and deploying training videogames:

No, the Army isn't about to start handing out copies of Halo 3 to troops, notes. “I haven’t seen a game built for the