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KeepCup, which is basically a plastic cup


The idea behind the KeepCup is so simple that it at first seems pointless: it's a reusable to-go cup, designed specifically for coffee. But the novelty is its height: small enough to fit under the nozzle of a barista's espresso …

Charles Marshall's colorful, analog traffic signal


In 1936, Australian civil engineer Charles Marshall designed an analog, rotary traffic signal that was widely used up until the 1970s. I love the elegance: it's simply a one-handed clock that quickly sweeps through color-coded green, yellow and red signals. …

'Re:vision' cuffs made from old camera lenses


Aussie designer Craig Arnold makes these "Re:vision" cuff bracelets out of parts from old camera lenses, perfect for the fashionable photographer. (Or pretenders to both, like myself.)

They're AU $190 and up, which ain't cheap, but they look well made. …

Is This Rubbish Bin a Suicide Machine?


Image: Screengrab from

An Australian man took his own life on the 18th by arming a "robot" with a .22 pistol, standing in front of it, and prompting it to fire. Which is, of course, a rather ingenious if …

Tefal QuickCup: Hot Water in 3 Seconds


The Tefal QuickCup heats up hot water in three seconds, perfect for popping out a quick cup of tea, instant coffee or soups, or cocoa. A built-in replaceable filter, uh, filters* while a special heating coil dispenses about 8 ounces …

Surprise! Magic Gas Additive Executive a Big Gasbag

Screwball Stephen Moss—C.E.O. of "Firepower International," a company that makes a magic pill that they purport will "increase fuel efficiency and reduce pollution" when stuffed inside the gas tank of your automobile—knows an idiot when he reads one. …

Yamaha's Giant Fish Tank Trailers



Yamaha Australia has built two 15-meter long fish tank trailers called the "SupaTanks" to be wheeled around to dealerships and boat shows. Each SupaTank will include 20 live fish. Can fish get car sickness?

The SupaTank is quite

Tite-Tie Tie-Down Tool Probably at Home Depot


The "Tite-Tie" is a little metal widget that lets you create a simulacrum of the famous "Trucker's Knot" tie-down without actually knowing how to tie a knot. It was originally only available in Australia, but is now supposedly available in …

eTime Home Endoscope Reviewed (Verdict: Disgustingly Effective)


Legendary gadgets proto-blogger Dan Rutter has reviewed the "eTime-home-endoscope," a AU$100 web cam with a bevy of attachments that be used to stuff it into your local Katie Couric. To whit: the picture on the right, which shows all the …

Glucoboy: Blood Sugar Testing via Game Boy


The Glucoboy is a blood glucose meter built into Game Boy Advance cartridge. The more a child tests his blood sugar, the more points he earns, unlocking mini-games.

Perhaps it will be incentive enough if it's the only cartridge they …