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From the makers of "Bacon Salt", a new type of sandwich spread


Coming any day now to an artery near you. Consider me a day one adopter.

Baconnaise product page []…

WowBacon Microwave Cooker simplifies the impromptu PB&B sandwich making process


One would think that humanity would be satisfied with science's existing bacon-delivery mechanisms: it comes pre-cooked, it comes in cans, it comes in sprinkles, it comes in salt — but never underestimate Infomercia's ingenuity in scratching an itch you didn't …

Suitcase full of bacon triggers airport bomb detectors


According to this article on German news site Nachrichten, as un-ablauted by Google Translate and turned into a slurry of humorous pidgin gobbledygook, a quantity of bacon is enough to set off hand luggage bomb detectors.

Apparently, the traveler …

Even bacon-themed pap cannot besmirch real bacon's reputation


In the ascending cock-on-cock deli platter of meta-hipness that is an internet sneer-off, a casualty: some have questioned the essential sanguine nature of bacon. And not just bacon the object, but the notion of bacon. Professing a love for bacon …

Pig-shaped earbuds making me want bacon for breakfast


Green House of Japan's Buta (Pig) earphones are available in pink, black and white for $12. Oink!

Product Page [ via CrunchGear]…

Archie McPhee's bacon-flavored dental floss


Archie McPhee is now selling bacon-flavored waxed floss for only $4.95 per container. An excellent way to get that lovely bacon taste in your mouth again after brushing, but I prefer to use the fat-greased sinew of a freshly slaughtered …