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Badass custom Opel GT Batmobile sells for a measly $9k

Having recently bought a car myself, I'm familiar with the vagaries of used automobiles. My headlamps are a bit out of weak and the carburetor needs some tweaking, for instance. But learning the quirks of a new car is…

Mazda's new Russian concept is half SUV, half Batmobile

The latest iteration in Mazda's line of Nagare concept cars appropriates the apocalyptic look of Frank Miller's Batmobile and slathers it with a coat of sleekness for the appreciation of the SUV-hungry Russian market, where it will be unveiled for…

The Flatmobile: if not the world's flattest car, at least the world's flattest Batmobile

Only 19" tall, the Flatmobile proclaims itself to be the world's flattest car: a Batmobile pancaked by a steamroller.
The Flatmobile is powered by a jet engine (based on a gas turbine jet engine and a Holset 685 turbocharger from