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Badass custom Opel GT Batmobile sells for a measly $9k


Having recently bought a car myself, I'm familiar with the vagaries of used automobiles. My headlamps are a bit out of weak and the carburetor needs some tweaking, for instance.

But learning the quirks of a new car is …

Mazda's new Russian concept is half SUV, half Batmobile


The latest iteration in Mazda's line of Nagare concept cars appropriates the apocalyptic look of Frank Miller's Batmobile and slathers it with a coat of sleekness for the appreciation of the SUV-hungry Russian market, where it will be unveiled for …

The Flatmobile: if not the world's flattest car, at least the world's flattest Batmobile


Only 19" tall, the Flatmobile proclaims itself to be the world's flattest car: a Batmobile pancaked by a steamroller.

The Flatmobile is powered by a jet engine (based on a gas turbine jet engine and a Holset 685 turbocharger from