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'Bed Fan' keeps you cool under the sheets


'Bed Fan' clips on to the end of your mattress to blow cool air — or in my case clouds of dog hair — from under your bed into your sheets. One might ask, "Why not just ditch the sheet …

Space Shuttle Bed Looks Vaguely Like Space Shuttle


This "Space Shuttle Bed" looks vaguely like our aging reusable launch vehicle, likely complete with suspicious creaking noises. It's $2,600 for the bed, but can also be upgraded with a full "Launch Tower" playset on the side for an additional …

Design & Comfort's Updated Murphy Bed with Shelf


While it's just a riff on the traditional Murphy bed design, this variant by "Design & Comfort" hides a sofa underneath and uses a flip-down bookshelf as its legs. You can have Design & Comfort build you one for an …