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Berserker Cycle's off-road recumbent trike


Berserker Cycle Design's Lucas Whipple writes:

I work for BCD and I'm pretty proud of our product. It's an off-road tricycle, the first of it's kind to offer a recumbent with real off-road capability. It was designed by our

The Rag and Bone six-wheel bicycle


Gestating in the oily, embryonic womb of some great velocipedic goddess, the Rag and Bone bicycle looks like it prenatally absorbed three or four of its twins... the steampunkish bicycle analogue to Total Recall's Kuato. I totally dig this.…

'Cycle' bag concept by Iohanna Pani doubles as bicycle seat


There are several questions that need to be addressed by designed Iohanna Pani before the "Cycle" bicycle-seat-into-backpack concept could be put into production. What materials would be comfortable but still allow for a light, crush-proof bag? Would the fixture for …

PUMA "Glow Rider" Glow-in-the-Dark Bicycle


A new bike from PUMA—yes, the shoe folk, but they do bikes now, too—glows in the dark. The "Glow Rider" appears to use glow-in-the-dark paint as opposed to some sort of EL rig-up and includes headlights and taillights, as well.…

Arantix Bicycle with Carbon Fiber Lattice Frame


The "Arantix" mountain bike from Delta 7 Sports uses an open lattice tube design made from carbon fiber and kevlar. They call the technique "IsoTruss."

From the press release:

Each Arantix Mountain Bike frame takes approximately 300 hours to build,

Cerevellum Bike Computer Prototype


The Cerevellum is a bicycle multi-function system, built around a proprietary central "head-unit" that includes a video-capable screen. While modules that monitor heart rate and deliver GPS functionality are planned, the primary feature is the "Hindsight," a rear-facing camera that …

Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires


Bicycle company Nirve offers several bike tires with patterns in the tread, including pinwheels, flames, and Japan's beloved anthropomorphic rectal suppository, Hello Kitty.

They're $20-25 a pop.

Catalog Page [] (Thanks, Riffola!)…

Trampe: Norwegian Bicycle Escalator


Trondheim, the third-largest city in Norway, has a very high percentage of bike riders compared to the rest of the country, something to which they ascribe partially to the "Trampe," a 130-meter bicycle "lift" that takes cyclers up the steepest …

Rear Vision Clothing-Mounted Bike Mirrors


While I've found rear-view bike mirrors to be only of moderate use, the "Rear Vision Activity Mirror" would at least prevent passers-by from ripping my mirrors off my bike. Besides that, though, I'm not sure that wrist-, arm-, and glove-mounted …

Reelight Magnet-Powered Bike Blinkers


These may be more common in the world of bikes that I realized, but I like the way the "Reelight" LED bike light works. Instead of using a dynamo to generate electricity like bike lights of the last several decades, …