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BigDog gets horny upgrades

Boston Dynamic’s BigDog packbot is now SmallBull. It still scares the hell outta me! [Via Gizmodo and BotJunkie]

More video of the Big Dog military pack-bot

Here’s some more foorage of Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog, the loping and headless military robot. It’s easily the scariest real-life one I’ve ever seen, and yet, when it recovers from being kicked in that first video, the illusion of intelligence … Continue reading

Video: Boston Dynamics LittleDog Robot

The “dog bots” from Boston Dynamics are just amazing pieces of hardware—its “BIGDOG” pack robot is eerie to watch, nimble and resilient—and the LittleDog platform, while seeming more insectoid than canine, still somehow slips up around either edge of the … Continue reading