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Video Review: Vita-Mix 5200 Blender

Make no mistake: A Vita-Mix 5200 blender is overkill for the home kitchen. It’s $450, to start. And its laudable blending ability doesn’t even make itself apparent unless you’re blending quite a bit of food at once. But over the … Continue reading

Waring Pro Xtreme: With the blast shield down I can’t blend a thing!

The new 3.5-horsepower Waring Pro Xtreme commercial blender is so powerful it has its own separate polycarbonate blast shield, just in case your at-home depleted uranium smoothie decides to go ballistic. Just $700 before DARPA funding. Waring Pro blender – … Continue reading

Margarator MSB-585: It’s a fuckin’ blender

The “Margarator” is a $110 blender with a spout on the front, designed to make margaritas and other frozen drinks — and only that. While I’m sure it pulverizes ice with the best blenders, I’m a little taken aback that … Continue reading

Blender Bottle is a shake and gravy solution

The latest Cool Tools updates gives a muscley thumbs-up to the “Blender Bottle,” a $7 cup with a steel mixing ball in the bottom for making protein shakes with one hand. (Don’t even.) he whisking ball is really ingenious, but … Continue reading

Coleman Camp Blender with Rechargeable Battery

Everyone knows camping is about one thing: pulsing various stones and twigs into a muddy slurry, slopping it directly into the stomach, tamping it down with a cattail, and writhing for two or three days in a yurt while your … Continue reading

L’Equip R.P.M. Blender with Tachometer

While it doesn’t justify the purchase of a new model just to get it, this “R.P.M. Blender” from L’Equip has a tachometer on the side. It does seem sort of obvious now that someone’s made one, doesn’t it? I’d like … Continue reading