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Bling Benz: Awesome Or Awestentatious?

Incase’s iPhone 3G slider case goes gold

Are you too sane to spend hundreds of dollars having your iPhone dipped in gold? Incase now makes a 3G version of its metallic slider case, to provide a cheap simulacrum of others’ conspicuous wealth. Metallic Slider Case [Incase via … Continue reading

Diamond-studded iPhone offered on Olympic theme

What’s the best thing about De Vere’s $8,219, diamond-studded iPhone? That the jewelery is limited to the only part of the device that can reasonably set it, its metal trim. One may increase or decrease the number of diamonds, and … Continue reading

$47,200 GSM bathtub for people who want to subscribe to cleanliness

Lest you feel bathtubs are beyond the remit of a gadget blog, know this: the Red Diamond bathtub from WaterGamesTechnologies has two waterproof televisions, a GSM module to allow remote control from anywhere on Planet Earth, a temperature panel and … Continue reading

Mobiado Pro 105 ZAF phone almost tasteful

As luxurious phones go, Mobiado’s Professional 105 ZAF is surprisingly sleek and design-conscious. It resembles Sony-Ericsson models, right down to the dinky little metal buttons, but with a simpler, less radioactive look. It’s 10.6mm thick and has a 2mp camera, … Continue reading

A mouse for your ring finger

The Finger Mouse: a big plastic rock of geekish bling that lets you control your pointer from the knuckle. Like a tiny jewel, a small trackball sits in the upper-left quadrant, surrounded on three sides by a scroll button, a … Continue reading

Pay $6,850 to make MacBook somewhat uglier

The Monk Bogballe Workstation is an Apple MacBook denuded and placed inside a larger, nastier case. An expansive bezel allows it to resemble a television set from 1987, an illusion only furthered by a display enclosure that is larger than … Continue reading

One must pay to touch the diamond-encrusted Mercedes

The e-mailed circular blurts it out with all the bug-eyed hysteria of a Muslim Obama chain letter… “THE CAR COSTS $4.8 MILLION AND IF YOU WANT TO TOUCH IT YOU HAVE TO PAY $1000 IT BELONGS TO PRINCE ALWALEED FROM … Continue reading

Veptu is bootleggers’ answer to expensive Vertu cellphones

Vertu makes expensive cellphones. Veptu it it’s cheap Chinese clone. If nothing else, it’s a more flattering celebration of 10 years in business than yet another tasteless slab of bling. Vertu gets cloned in China, christened Veptu! [Born Rich]

Vertu’s issues exclusive phone to celebrate 10 years of exclusive Vertu phones

Vertu’s latest issue proves again that the rarefied world of luxury gadgets is impervious to good taste. It’s been selling cellphones aimed at lottery winners for ten years now, and offers the “Rococo Constellation” in celebration of this achievement. Offered … Continue reading