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Plantronics brings chrome, pleather to upscale BT headsets

Plantronics’ fashionable BlueTooth headset joins the Jawbone and BlueAnt in trying to shed the category’s “Junior Vice President of Douche” associations. Unlike the other two, however, which went for a techno look, the Discovery 975 has a leathery pad with … Continue reading

Review: A week with the Panasonic Link-to-Cell home phone

Brian and I live and work at home, and we have three phone lines and four handsets that are constantly demanding our attention from different parts of the house. It’s a little hard to keep track of. That’s why I … Continue reading

Solar Gard car window film blocks sunlight, not Wi-Fi

According to a company selling the solution, traditional window film doesn’t just block visible and UV rays from the sun, but also catches the 2.4GHz radio waves that carry data in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Solar Gard, a new window film … Continue reading

Review: Plantronics Discovery 925 bluetooth headset in Heidi Klum Gold

It’s funny how the right celebrity can make a product suddenly seem more sexy. I’m not 5’9″ with hazel eyes, but Heidi Klum is, and we both use the same bluetooth headset: the Plantronics Discovery 925 in glittery gold. It’s … Continue reading

A couple of weeks with the Apple Wireless Keyboard (Yes, the one from last year)

I’ll keep this one short: If you took every keyboard ever made and condensed them to their most elemental parts you’d end up with the Apple Wireless Keyboard ($70). It’s pleasant to type on (it feels just like the current … Continue reading

Sigma Bluetribe Bluetooth Headphones

Remote-control touchpad

Behold this thingy, which combines three useful items in a tiny remote control the size of a PC card: a touchpad, media playback controls, and a laser pointer. It’s battery lasts for just 4 hours, unfortunately, thanks to the otherwise … Continue reading

Sony announces new wireless Bluetooth sports headphones

Sony’s latest line of bluetooth headphones is aimed solely at the cyborg-obsessed sports crowd. The DR-BT160AS headphones are splashproof, built-in volume and play control buttons, a microphone for cellphones and massive behind-the-ear pods that house the batteries and workings. An … Continue reading

Jawbone maker giving $20 off if you got a traffic ticket for not using a Bluetooth headset

Aliph make a pretty good Bluetooth headset, I’ve heard, but I think I respect them just as much for their clever marketing of the Jawbone. First they let CES attendees trade their old Bluetooth headsets for a Jawbone. Now they’re … Continue reading

Cellphone popcorn hoax revealed as viral marketing scam

The hoax, prompted by videos in which people popped popcorn with the radiation from their cellphones, was for a Bluetooth headset company named Cardo. I’d ding them for promoting bad science, but I have to admit as far as marketing … Continue reading