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Aliph’s updated Jawbone Bluetooth headset reviewed (Verdict: Smaller but just as quirky)

The first time I saw the original Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset in person I was shocked at its size. That perforated metal casing that looked so lovely on the outside concealed a mound of plastic the size of a circus … Continue reading

Colorful and flamboyant Bluetooth headsets by Bluetrek

Many people want their Bluetooth headsets to be as subtle as possible. I am not one of them. In Berlin, there are only two sorts of people who stand in the middle of the streets, loudly talking to themselves, and … Continue reading

Jawbone’s Craft CES Trade-In Program

This was one of the most clever promotions I heard of at CES: The people that make the Jawbone Bluetooth headset, one of the more readily lusted-after Bluetooth units, were giving away free ones for anyone who would trade in … Continue reading

Nextlink Invisio G5 Bluetooth Earpiece Reviewed (Verdict: “To Be Taken Seriously”)

Red from the Red Ferret Journal reviews the Nextlink Invisio G5 “world’s smallest” Bluetooth headset, giving it generally high marks all around, noting the small size does make it a bit fiddly when in use. What I hadn’t realized is … Continue reading

World’s *est: Nextlink Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset

Nextlink, whose older “AX” model was the only Bluetooth headset I could be arsed to keep in my pocket (until I gave it away), has announced the “Invisio G5,” purported to be the world’s smallest. Whether it is or not, … Continue reading

Chinese Phone Has Stash for Bluetooth Headset

The Naxing NX788 is a generic two-band GSM phone produced in China that has one distinguishing feature: its included Bluetooth headset slips right into a cubby in the bottom of the phone. (It can also support two SIM cards at … Continue reading

Sony Ericsson MBS-100: Alien Bluetooth Speaker

Engadget isn’t too impressed with Sony Ericsson’s new MBS-100 Bluetooth speaker, designed to be pair with their mobile phones via Bluetooth, but I think it’s quite lovely. They see “embarrassing fungal wart.” I see friendly myconoid spore who whispers music … Continue reading

Confirmation: No Bluetooth in iPod Touch

An Apple spokesperson has confirmed to Boing Boing Gadgets that the upcoming iPod Touch does not include Bluetooth, despite rumors to the contrary today. An image had made the rounds earlier today—the corner with the purported Bluetooth icon in the … Continue reading