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Video: Toy 2002 roundie bests evil Mercedes

This ad for Turkish die-cast retailer Dekalo is cute on its own, but especially so when they reveal how it was made. [via Jalopnik]…

BMW Group Designworks USA x Thermaltake concept gaming PC


BMW Group Designworks USA built this "Level 10" concept gaming PC in partnership with Thermaltake, a fine pairing, since it would be a challenge to keep the wwhole thing cool without air being ducted through a case from front to …

Aufwiedersehen: Goodbye Chris Bangle, BMW's lead designer

Chris Bangle, controversial but undeniably influential lead designer for BMW, has retired. Above, a 2002 talk at TED about "Cars as Art". Note particularly his notion of "cars as avatar".

Autoweek has this profile:

So where does that leave

Microsoft's Surface surfaces in BMW product navigator

Microsoft's stunning multi-touch display tech makes its real-world debut at German carmaker BMW, which is to use it in fancy in-dealership product configurators.

"Users can grab digital information with their hands and interact with content by touch and gesture," say …

BMW ZX-6 concept by Jai Ho Yoo and Lukas Vanek


Many of these concept car designs by third-year students at the Instituto Europea di Design in Turin, part of a partnership with BMW, are interesting, but this "ZX-6 Concept" by Jai Ho Yoo and Lukas Vanek takes the cake. It's …

Jeremy Clarkson Rides in Autonomous Auto

Jeremy Clarkson, host of perhaps my favorite television show Top Gear, took out a modified BMW 3-series on last week's show. The car was driven around the track once by a human, recording telemetry, and then played back the …