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12 Gauge shot glasses


A twenty will get you the honor of four "12 Gauge Shot Glasses" just begging to have a small blasting cap wired into the bottom for remote detonation. Shipping is from the U.K., so expect it to sting …

How best to turn fruit into shot glasses without a specialized tool?


Great idea for a spring fling, but surely this can be done more simply than with a single-purpose $13 (plus shipping) "ShotCarver". A piece of steel conduit? An empty pill bottle? [via Doug Aamoth]…

Hold Your Heads Up High: You'll never drink alone with the Octopus Tap


The "Octopus Tap" is a standard push-powered keg tap with only half-an-octopus' worth of spouts attached. Perfect for those like me who drink alone but wish they could fill their cups four times as fast. The basic Octopus …

Agwa De Bolivia, coca leaf and herb liqueur


Agwa De Bolivia is a liqueur extracted from the coca leaf, which as you may have heard is the same plant that gives us chocolate, Coca-Cola, Chanel, and cocaine. While the manufacturer is certainly playing that angle up the most, …

Chalkboard + Beer Tap == Tap Boards


Tap Boards are brilliant little chalkboards inside wooden taphandles, making it simple to mark what beneficent liquid will flow from the spout below. They were made with the homebrewer (and pro-am homedrinker) in mind, designed as they were …

It's safe to say BaR2D2 is the world's finest robot bartender


Jamie Price built this badass radio-controlled mobile bar he's dubbed "BaR2D2", with sound-activated neon lighting, a motorized ice/mixing drawer, six-bottle shot dispenser, and a "motorized beer elevator", whatever that is. It also, inexplicably can play the theme song to The

Bottle carousel is begging for an IV drip rig-up


The "Deluxe Chrome Bottle Carousel & Measures" is a cute way to keep four upended bottles of booze close at hand, but it would never work for my spirit of choice: most bourbon comes in oddly shaped bottles, not the …

Cocktail Chemistry Set


This "Cocktail Chemistry Set" is cute enough and just shy of $40, making it nearly cheap enough to merit a second look. But if you were willing to give up the custom bent-metal serving tray, you could order the flasks …

Margarator MSB-585: It's a fuckin' blender


The "Margarator" is a $110 blender with a spout on the front, designed to make margaritas and other frozen drinks — and only that. While I'm sure it pulverizes ice with the best blenders, I'm a little taken aback that …

Evolution Mobile Bar folds up for boozing on the run


When we were 18 or so, my buddy Mike and I stumbled onto a bit of fried gold: instead of hosting our own parties — inevitably money-losing affairs with the risk of parental seizure — we'd host parties for others