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ShotPaks: Single-serving booze in a pouch

These single-serving “ShotPak” drinks contain a swallow of alcohol, from “STR8UP” unadulterated selections like rum and whisky to pre-mixed cocktails like lemon drops or kamikazes. They are also green, says the manufacturer, as each ShotPak “has the lowest carbon dioxide … Continue reading

The Wine Rack: It’s a Bra

The “Wine Rack” is a bra that can be filled with up to 25-ounces of fluid and emptied through a convenient bite-locked tube. There’s no way to discuss this without offending someone, so I offer you a choice of three … Continue reading

Sippin on the Rocks: Scottish Granite Cools Your Scotch

“Sippin on the Rocks” are little cubes of granite hewn from the Scottish countryside, designed to be chilled in your freezer, then placed in your glass to cool your scotch without watering it down. Cute, if a little odd. I’m … Continue reading

Drinkable Art

This gallery exposition by Hannes Broecker is comprised of nine frames, each filled with a colored cocktail that can be dispensed from the bottom. Gallery goers were encouraged to grab a glass and imbibe, drinking down the art. In the … Continue reading

Umbrella Flask: Swigin’ in the Rain

This handsome umbrella’s handle screws off to reveal a test tube-like “flask.” For £425, you might be better off concealing your booze inside your own belly. For just $20, you could instead purchase the beer pager, a coozie that sounds … Continue reading

Twist ‘n Shot Jello Shot Glasses

“Twist ‘n Shot”* cups are designed to make it easier to remove Jello from a cup when making shots. A small lip of plastic rests inside, dislodging the gelatin when turned. You can get a twenty pack for $14 plus … Continue reading

Bakoda Flask Pack for Snowboarders

This “Flask Pack” from Bakoda is just a simple flask in a neoprene casing, but it looks so much cooler when shown attached to a snowboard binding. The idea? To keep four ounces of your favorite booze easily accessible when … Continue reading

Inside Out Barware by AMT

While discussing the merits of insulated glasses, Amanda Clark pointed out these great glasses from Dutch designer AMT (?). I’m not actually sure if they’re insulated, but they’re quite attractive. From the designer’s page: the shape of a drinking glass … Continue reading