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TV is Dead, Long Live PC.TV


My friend Sonia has written a series of posts for the New York Times in which she tests several options for streaming web content to your television. Everything from Boxee to PlayOn.

I'm already saving up for a Mac …

Boxee on Apple TV: Don't bother


Boxee, the free fork of the stupendous Xbox Media Center (XBMC) project, certainly gets a lot of attention. And it's often mentioned in the same breath as the Apple TV, one of the platforms on which it can run. …

Boxee gets Lost


Boxee, the "social" media center software for Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Apple TV (with Windows on the way) has added ABC shows to its streaming line-up "just in time for the Lost season premiere". It only works on …

CES: Boxee ready for the big time

Boxee is one of the more fool-proof ways to get stuff like Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central and even network television to your computer: here's a live demo given to BBG from the loud and booze-soaked floor of CES Unveiled.

You …

Boxee media center software adds Netflix, The Big Picture support


Boxee, the free XBMC-based media center system for Linux, Windows, Mac, and Apple TV has released a new system update that adds lots of great new features, including a custom Netflix Instant streaming client.

The good news: their hand-written …