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Scan Toaster: Bread Printing Protocol needed immediately

Of all the companies that make toasters, I’m pretty sure Electrolux has the biggest R&D budget. It always pops up sponsoring fancy design competitions and the like. Here’s its “Scan Toaster,” a concept by Sung Bae Chang, whose mode of … Continue reading

Power On Self Toast

In the Future, All Toast Will Take 15 Minutes to Depress

There’s no reason whatsoever to recommend this “Morphy Richards 2 Perfection Toaster”—it’s upwards of $60, for one—but the space-age bread insertion mechanism, as seen in the video, is quite futuristic. Pretend you’re loading the photon torpedo tubes. Catalog Page [ElectricShopping.com … Continue reading

Japanese Bread-in-a-Can Vending Machine

In Japan you can buy bread in a can from a vending machine. Informed. Tokyo tinned treats [Tokyo Times via Core77]