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Scan Toaster: Bread Printing Protocol needed immediately

Of all the companies that make toasters, I'm pretty sure Electrolux has the biggest R&D budget. It always pops up sponsoring fancy design competitions and the like. Here's its "Scan Toaster," a concept by Sung Bae Chang, whose mode of…

Power On Self Toast


In the Future, All Toast Will Take 15 Minutes to Depress

There's no reason whatsoever to recommend this "Morphy Richards 2 Perfection Toaster"—it's upwards of $60, for one—but the space-age bread insertion mechanism, as seen in the video, is quite futuristic. Pretend you're loading the photon torpedo tubes. Catalog Page […

Japanese Bread-in-a-Can Vending Machine

In Japan you can buy bread in a can from a vending machine. Informed. Tokyo tinned treats [Tokyo Times via Core77]…