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HOWTO Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven


Remember when I modded my conventional kitchen oven with $13.50 worth of ceramic firebricks? In that post, I linked to a variety of outdoor ovens that seemed intriguing, like the Peruvian igloo.

Well, Serious Eats's Slice blog reports on Mark …

The traveling knife sharpeners of Brooklyn


One of the things I love about living in Brooklyn are the seemingly quaint urban anachronisms that are actually quite useful: corner fruit stands; beat-walking cops; friendly drug dealers. While I've never actually seen one of these traveling knife-grinding trucks …

BBtv: Voice translator device tested by ignorant white doofus

Some of the phrases were really quite violent, commanding people to get on the ground and put their hands over their heads. The guy who sits outside the five-and-dime all day on a folding chair thought those were especially funny.…

A Trip to Gillies, New York City's Oldest Coffee Roaster


BRIAN DUNN, BOY INTERN – I can tell I've arrived at the Gillies Coffee roasting plant from the faint but pleasant smell of coffee that permeates the surrounding block.

Apparently, this is a bad thing.

In 2002, the New York …

Kids Playing Spy Hunter


Sidecar is the restaurant and bar closest to my apartment. Last night I was there with my friend Jason Vaughn enjoying a burger—one of Sidecar's only two reasonably priced entrees along with the Club sandwich; fortunately the two are my …

Brooklyn Superhero Supply


On the way up to buy a videogame at my local Gamestop today, I stopped by the Brooklyn Superhero Supply, another fund raising retail outlet from 826 Valencia, the same folks who just opened up the Echo Park Time Travel

Boing Boing...The Maternity Store!


Boing Boing is maternity and children's clothing store in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I snapped this rather crappy pic with my iPhone a couple of months ago, went out today to get a better one, and then couldn't find it. Turns …

Funde Razor '07 Grand Prizes Revealed: Life-Sized Weighted Companion Cube Plushies


Funde Razor, the annual event we hold to raise money for Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity, has its grand prize: these two life-sized Weighted Companion Cube plushies as seen in the game Portal, crafted for us …

Luggage Store Shaped Like Airplane


On the fancy side of my neighborhood in Park Slope, Brooklyn, "Flight 001" models each of their luggage stores to look like the interior of an airplane. Racked had a look around.

Rackage: Flight 001 Park Slope [Racked]…

My First Birdcam Victim


Since I'm leaving town tomorrow, I thought I'd check the ol' Birdcam to see if the new positioning caught anything besides my (now dying) tomato plants. And indeed: Success!

The easily-flustered mourning doves are back, happily gnoshing on cracked corn. …