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Full spectrum bulbs: Will they make me cheerful?


Can you get Seasonal Affective Disorder in a month? It's been raining more or less since I moved to Oregon, which is fine on the whole, but this weekend it was perfect weather—body-temperature wind, sunshine, clear skies—and I was thrust …

Stop worrying about mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs


You're being silly. Here's Dan Rutter:

The second you read someone saying that metallic mercury is an incredibly potent neurotoxin, you know you’re looking at bullshit. ORGANIC mercury compounds are indeed ultra-poisonous, but metallic mercury quite simply is not. It

Why Are Projector Bulbs So Expensive?


I've been trying to get a clear answer to that one for the last couple of years, but every time I ask Panasonic or Infocus about the high cost of replacement bulbs I get some mumbo-jumbo about the high tolerances …

Hand-Blown Incandescent Sculpture Bulbs from Dylan Kehde Roelofs


Dezeen is showing off the work of Dylan Kehde Roelofs, an artist that makes these superlative hand-blown glass light bulbs as "a reaction against the soulless glow of low-energy bulbs."

Prices range from around $200 to $1,300 and the "first …

ReLED Solid State Replacements for Fluorescent Tubes


ReLED Systems offers this solid-state LED lamp that fits into standard fluorescent fixtures, offering a longer service life (ten years, they say) and better power efficiency. Their first product, the "Re-LT5," fits into "virtually any existing 28W luminaire design."

I …

Joel Degermark Cluster Lamps


Joel Degermark's lamps rely on the variety of light bulb shapes available to the modern shopper. While these are available as pendant, sconce, and table lamps, I suspect you could do just about as well with a trip down to …