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Full spectrum bulbs: Will they make me cheerful?

Can you get Seasonal Affective Disorder in a month? It's been raining more or less since I moved to Oregon, which is fine on the whole, but this weekend it was perfect weather—body-temperature wind, sunshine, clear skies—and I was thrust…

Stop worrying about mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs

You're being silly. Here's Dan Rutter:
The second you read someone saying that metallic mercury is an incredibly potent neurotoxin, you know you’re looking at bullshit. ORGANIC mercury compounds are indeed ultra-poisonous, but metallic mercury quite simply is not. It

Why Are Projector Bulbs So Expensive?

I've been trying to get a clear answer to that one for the last couple of years, but every time I ask Panasonic or Infocus about the high cost of replacement bulbs I get some mumbo-jumbo about the high tolerances…

Hand-Blown Incandescent Sculpture Bulbs from Dylan Kehde Roelofs

Dezeen is showing off the work of Dylan Kehde Roelofs, an artist that makes these superlative hand-blown glass light bulbs as "a reaction against the soulless glow of low-energy bulbs." Prices range from around $200 to $1,300 and the "first…

ReLED Solid State Replacements for Fluorescent Tubes

ReLED Systems offers this solid-state LED lamp that fits into standard fluorescent fixtures, offering a longer service life (ten years, they say) and better power efficiency. Their first product, the "Re-LT5," fits into "virtually any existing 28W luminaire design." I…

Joel Degermark Cluster Lamps

Joel Degermark's lamps rely on the variety of light bulb shapes available to the modern shopper. While these are available as pendant, sconce, and table lamps, I suspect you could do just about as well with a trip down to…