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Electric bullet train coming to California


While Californians were protecting gay people from the horror of marriage on Tuesday, they were not afraid to send miles of high-speed bullet trains screaming through of the loins of the state. With the passing of Proposition 1A a bond …

California judge declares Sprint's early termination fees illegal

A California judge has passed a preliminary ruling on Sprint Nextel's early termination fees: I don't speak Legalese, but I believe an onomatopoeic kablammo is accepted in most languages. The judge presupposed that the ETFs were unfairly enforcing contracts. Of …

Babbage Difference Engine No. 2 Recreation Coming to Computer History Museum


Image: Doron

Staring May 10th, the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley will be showing off this working recreation of Charles Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2. Admission is free, but you might be required to turn the crank to …

Aptera Hybrid Making Cameo in the Star Trek Movie?


Spy shots from the set of the upcoming Star Trek movie show two items of note: the Starfleet-issue miniskirts are back (and about time!) and the three-wheel Aptera Hybrid might be making a cameo in the movie. An Aptera can …

Echo Park Time Travel Mart Serves All Your Time Travel Needs


Dave Eggers and crew have opened another faux store to support their non-profit tutoring and writing centers. This one's in LA and sells time-travel-related products, including delicious Mammoth Chunks in five gallon cans, packets of shade, and anti-barbarian spray.


Apple Warned of Impending Lawsuit Over Hazardous Chemicals in iPhone

After Greenpeace claimed Apple's iPhone contained toxic chemicals, California's Center for Environmental Health said it has given Apple a 60-day legal notice that may be a precursor to a lawsuit. The CEH's hoped-for result? That Apple with "reformulate their products …

HumanCar Imagine: Street Legal Rowboat


Autopia has been given these concept photos of the production model of the "Imagine" from HumanCar, a sort of modern version of the old pump-action railroad cart* designed for use on roads, bolstered by some electric motors in case its …