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Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera design pops up

Panasonic is rumored, thanks to this shot spotted at China's Xitek photography forum, to be making a micro Four Thirds camera. Point-and-shoot with interchangeable lenses: all the rage! From Gadget Lab:
It will have a 12.1 effective megapixels sensor, a

WristShot turns your hand into a cyborg camera mount

The WristShot is a $200 brace for photographers that also describes the outcome it seeks to prevent. Like most of my camera equipment, I want it because it makes me look like I know what I'm doing. There's also something…

Brinno, a timelapse garden camera

The Brinno is a weatherproof timelapse garden video camera, capable of taking a 1,280 by 1,024 pixel image every hour for four months before its batteries need to be changed. You can also tune its interval to be anywhere…

SuperHeadz Plamodel, a snap-together DIY 35mm camera

If you can stomach giving money to Urban Outfitters, they're selling a charming "SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm camera" kit that snaps together using parts cast using the age-old technique seen in model airplanes and cars. (What's the plastic…

Sigma DP2 all but revealed (Still waiting on price)

The Sigma DP2 [official site], which uses a full-sized DSLR sensor and a fixed-focus lens in a point-and-shoot body, is about to be dumped on the world. An update to the somewhat awkward DP1, the DP2 moves to…

The Diana Cult Camera, a vintage crapgadget reborn

The Diana Cult Camera is a recreation of its famous plastic predecessor. According to the Wikipedia article, "Thee poor quality of the [Diana's] plastic meniscus lens results in generally low contrast, odd color rendition, chromatic aberration, and blurred images."…

Magnetically attachable iPhone camera lens

The iPhone's camera is execrable, like taking a photograph of saturated picture hell through a glass smeared vaseline darkly. Thus, a lot of the third-party accessories for fitting your iPhone with additional lenses seemed a bit silly... especially when these…

Ricoh GR Digital II camera reviewed (Verdict: A peculiar sidearm)

Serious Compacts reviews the Ricoh GR Digital II, in many ways the only camera in its a class: a truly pocketable camera with RAW support and a 28mm-equivalent f/2.4 lens (but only sneaker-zoom).
The GR Digital II is currently the

A chicken head makes an excellent camera stabilizer

A simple fix for a lack of a camera stabilizer: attach it to the self-stabilizing noggin of a chicken skull. It does not, of course, work if the noggin is no longer attached to the chicken. With his backyard chicken…

Neoprene camera wallet folds out into mini tripod

This attractive lightweight neoprene camera case — more like a wallet, really — unfurls into a tiny miniature tripod and costs around £19.95. I like this a lot more than most bulky camera cases I've seen, even if the tripod…