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Rumor: Nintendo DS with camera, music playback coming this year


Nikkei — a rather venerable financial newspaper, most famous outside of Japan for a series of blistering exposes on the economic blunders that followed the Gojira-prompted Tokyo Housing Crisis of 1986 — seems certain of the latest iteration of the …

Samsung Pixon wants to be a smartphone and a nice camera


Samsung Pixon is half phone, half point-and-shoot camera. It's just a millimeter thicker than the iPhone but includes an 8-megapixel camera — one with the ability to record video. One bummer, though, is the listed "16x Zoom", which from what …

Joby Gorillapod Focus tripod holds up to 11 pounds of camera in precarious positions


Joby's Gorillapod tripod is great. I've had one for years and it goes with me on every trip. It ably handles my DSLR and smaller camcorders. And it's cheap!

The new Gorillapod "Focus" tripod is not cheap. It's $150. …

Pinhole Camera Fashioned From 150 Year-Old Skull


Third Eye: a sculpture by artist Wayne Martin Bleger in which the 150 year old skull of a thirteen year old girl — strategically trephined &mdashl becomes a pinhole camera. Quoth Ectoplasmosis' Ross Rosenberg, whose prose I can blockquote …

Camera Armor Seattle Sling dry bag


The "Seattle Sling" from Camera Armor keeps cameras and other gear free from water, dirt, dust, or cookie crumbs. It's essentially a dry bag inside a padded, single-strap sling, which means you'll have quick access to your gear, but won't …

Brando SpyCam masquerades as a phone


Sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain site. (I said as I opened my trenchcoat.) That's the theory behind this camera set from Brando, which puts its lens inside a clip-on Bluetooth headset designed to be worn …

Tortuga's €1,200 pinhole panorama


The Tortuga 5 is a plumwood encased pinhole camera hockey puck, crafted in Luxembourg, that captures 242 degree panorama on standard 120 format film. Despite its ante-diluvian looks, the film can be loaded without a dark room or a dark, …

The Pet's Eye View Camera lets you experience your dog's foulness in thrilling first person

Picture 26.jpg

The Pet's Eye View Camera offers voyeuristic pet owners an affordable way to experience their dog's many incredible adventures. Hanging around your dog's collar, the Pet's Eye automatically takes first-person photographs from your dog's perspective every 1, 5 or 15 …

Triple-Lensed Analog Camera for Stereo Imaging


The "120 Tri-lens Stereo Camera" seems misnamed at first—why would you need three lens to take a stereo image? Turns out you don't. The top lens is for sighting.

No price yet, but considering this is a completely manual film-based …

Wingscapes Birdcam Review (Verdict: Sort of Awesome!)


The nut: A finely-built piece of hardware that is a treat for bird lovers. Or those who generally love to spy on things.

What you see above is an excerpt of about 150 images taken by the Wingscapes Birdcam, …