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Unofficial LEGO candles


These LEGOesque candles from A+R are cute, but at $48 a pop, they're a good candidate for DIY. (Thanks, Thomas!)…

Candle vs. Laptop


Candle Fail [Failblog via Gizmodo]…

Coiled beeswax candle and holder is its own simple timer


This elegantly unembellished candle holder allows you to draw up just as much candle as you choose, automatically extinguishing itself after the allotted time. Ever three inches provides about an hour of light, putting an entire beeswax coil in the …

Remote-Controlled LED Candle in Real, Vanilla-Scented Wax


I like the concept of a remote-controlled candle, but whether it's made of vanilla-scented wax or not, this version misses a crucial element: a flame. I can understand why companies wouldn't want to sell remotely-controlled igniters, but they could be …

1930 Windshield Candle


From a scan of a 1930s Popular Science which had such a nice cover illustration I had to include it:

All that is needed to attach the device to the windshield is to moisten the small vacuum cup fastener and