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Bird House CCTV Camera


You don't have to live in London to enjoy its scenery: these bird houses recreate the world financial capital's authoritarian je ne sais quoi.

CCTV camera as bird’s nest [P&V via Make]…

Spooky CCTV captures pub ghost splotch


You're forgiven if, like me, you first mistook the ghost in this image captured from a CCTV camera to be the looming silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock. But nope — it's the little smudge near the top of the stairs.

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DIY anti-CCTV glasses

These easy-to-make glasses use infra-red LEDs to obscure your face from cameras... and, perhaps most usefully, from ubiquitous CCTV observation. This is going to the top of our list of things to make Cory for his birthday.

Anti-Paparazzi Sunglasses [Metacafe …