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Nokia adds Skype to the N97


For years, mobile phone companies have done their damnedest to discourage Skype leaping across the vacuum between PCs and cellular networks. The reason's obvious: why pay 20 cents per minute for a local call when you can pay one cent …

Why Japanese cell phones suck


Often we post a strange, high-specced foreign device only to lament that it will never be made available in the west. The reason, often assumed to be some hypothetical propensity for Asians to buy 20 cell phones a year and …

Verizon and AT&T provide cellular to Cindy McCain's ranch; So what?

The Washington Post examines the installation of mobile cellular towers — COWs, or "cellular on wheels" trucks — that extend wireless coverage to Cindy McCain's Sedona, Arizona ranch which has served as a getaway from presidential candidate John McCain.


Sprint sells its cellular towers (so it can lease them back)

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Jul 23, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) today announced an agreement to sell approximately 3,300 towers to TowerCo for approximately $670 million in cash. Additionally, the two companies have entered into a long term leasing

Review: A week with Novatel's U727 EVDO stick

2320552319_1177a3fe5c.jpg(Photo: Trancepriest)

Novatel's U727 EVDO Rev. A USB cellular modem is small, fast and works seamlessly with Windows PCs and Macs.

Though an improvement over earlier models like the U720, it's still larger than most thumbdrives and those looking …

What Do Cell Phone Reception Bars Mean?

Excellent—and I'm going to presume accurate because it has the Stink of Science™—answer from an Ask Metafilter reader about what those five bars actually indicate on your phone.

The technical term is "EC/I0" (pronounced "ee-see-over-eye-naught") and it refers to the

Wes Anderson's AT&T Commercials

Whether you like Wes Anderson or think he's a pretentious twerp—and really, couldn't it be both?—you have to admit the man knows how to put a commercial together. While these new spots for AT&T aren't as tongue-in-cheek as his previous …