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Best Buy's "community" forum flags "" as offensive


"" Is Apparently A Curse Word On Best Buy's Forums [Consumerist]…

British ISPs revolt against the self-appointed censors who ordered blocks on Wikipedia and The Internet Archive

Internet service providers in the U.K. have rejected a website blacklist maintained by the Internet Watch Foundation, a private charity notorious for its bungled attempts to censor pages at Wikipedia and the Internet Archive.

From The Register:

ISPs have rejected

iTunes UK asterisk censors H*t T**n K****r P****y


Over the weekend, the iTunes UK music database began to inexplicably asterisk censor thousands of song titles, from Nirvana's "Smell's Like T**n Spirit", Queen's "K****r Queen, Katy Perry's "H*t and Cold" and Danny Kaye's "I Thought I Saw A P***y …

China blocks iTunes Store after release of Songs for Tibet album

SHM is reporting that China has blocked off all access to Apple's online iTunes Store after they discovered that several Olympic athletes had been purchasing the Songs for Tibet album, a pro-Tibetan album featuring 20 artists including Sting, Moby, Suzanne …