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Hoverit Lounger floats on a bed of magnets, hope

As corny as it may look, the Hoverit Lounger, an uncomfortable acrylic chair repelled aloft by powerful magnets, piques my rump’s curiosity. Would I be too heavy for its magnets? Would I sway gently up and down on the stabilizing … Continue reading

Sound wave chair by Matthew Plummer Fernandez

Seep into the frequency plot and volume of this sound wave chair designed by Matthew Plummer Verandez, chiropractically modeled after a note of his own particular fascination. The artist says he is working on a similarly designed toilet, modeled after … Continue reading

The Living Lounge Chair

This marvelous chair by JGreen Design, excellently called the Living Lounge Chair, looks like a regular chair frozen in surprise, owner-caught during its secret nocturnal perambulations. Delightfully Mieville-like (Un-Lun-Dun!) and Burroughs-esque (Naked Lunch, passed through the filter of Cronenberg). $7,500, … Continue reading

3-in-1 Ostrich Chair makes dead man’s reading comfortable

One of the best things about the Amazon Kindle is that it gives you more positions in which to read a book. When you don’t worry about having to hold a book open you can sit pretty much however you’d … Continue reading

The Giger chair (xenomorphs not included)

Designer Tim Sugden claims that the inspiration for his Giger Chair came from the anamorphic aliens of its namesake, Mr. H.R. Giger. This does not grok: it is not pieced together from nearly enough rotting animal skeletons for that, nor … Continue reading