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Sumo chair available in bright green

Lime Green High Res.jpg

Sumo, makers of gigantic shredded-foam furnishings, also makes one in bright lime green. Just thought you should know. [Sumo Lounge]…

Boing Boing Video review: Top Chair? Herman Miller Embody and the Steelcase Leap

Two chairs enter...two chairs leave. In fact, I'm sitting my fat ass on one of the two chairs we reviewed right now: the Herman Miller Embody, a fine chair that only wobbles a little after running it into a …

I stopped worrying about the new movie when I saw how Kirk sat in the Captain's Chair


Thomas Vinciguerra profiles men who have built their own replicas of Star Trek captains' chairs for the Times:

For Mike Paugh, 42, a financial planner in Cranbrook, British Columbia, the appeal goes back to childhood. “I loved the show,”

Office chair explodes, kills boy


A 14-year-old boy from Jiaozhou in China died of blood loss after the gas canister inside his chair exploded, sending shrapnel into his bottom. The gas is used to operate the hydraulic pillar that raises and lowers seats, but poorly-constructed …

Designing the Steelcase Leap desk chair


What sort of engineering goes into designing a better office chair? SolidSmack talks to Steelcase about the four-year development of their Leap chair, involving various prototype chairs and eleven studies with hundreds of participants. (SolidSmack also recently interviewed the …

Fully Loaded Chair is stuffed with shotgun shells


Alexander Reh's Fully Loaded Chair is composed of a solid steel frame stuffed to the bore with 12-gauge shotgun shells. I like the thoughtful design: notice that the payload points away from the sitter. You can be confident in haphazardly …

The world's greatest chair: the Thonet No. 14


The International Herald Tribune has put up a fantastic write-up of what might possibly be the world's most popular chair: the Thonet Model 14. Six pieces of wood — two circles, two arches, two legs — that screwed together have …

Hobart I-Cool chair helps villains rule empires, shed pounds

Hobart's I-Cool concept chair is not marketed as coming with a sinister white cat, or even a button marked "abruptly swivel 180 degrees to face Bond." Instead, it apparently helps one lose weight.

Just who do they think their market …

Herman Miller Embody: An Aeron for our current troubles


Poor Herman Miller, maker of the infamous (and rather good) Aeron office chair which found their way into out-of-work employees studio apartments after the first dot-com bubble, has just launched a successor in time for the nationwide financial crisis: The …

Unsurprisingly, the Venture Bros. love mid-century modern chairs


The sharp, tasteful eyes at Apartment Therapy have noticed that the world's best cartoon, The Venture Bros., completes their Jet Age sets with authentic mid-century modern chairs, including selections from the Eames, Corbusier, and Bertoia.

When I said I …