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Cute puffball speakers that you can't buy until I learn to read Chinese


Kristin sent us a link to these puffy speakers which will probably be available from a crapvendor at some point in the future, but for now exist on what appears to be a Chinese-language blog. I'm posting them here just …

Video: Jean Michel Jarre synths China's face clean off (1981)

French synthpop pioneer Jean Michel Jarre gave the first Western pop concert in post-Mao China, shown here in this video from 1981. [via EHX]

This is the sound and spirit of BBG.…

Is Michael Arrington the next Steve Jobs?


No. But are you?

Michael Arrington has lifted his knickers to show "Prototype B," the latest revision of the CrunchPad, a Linux-based touchscreen internet tablet that has sprung fully formed from the genitals of his technological …

Aura clone lacks class, but has more fun


Motorola's Aura is a fashion phone with a vaguely Victorian cachet (picture it in brass) and a high price tag. Now, look at the cheapo clones of it.

Isn't it interesting, the manner in which these things are adopted, adapted, …

Video: 60 Minutes tackles exported E-waste

I'm still digesting this piece which ran on CBS this Sunday, but I am only getting around to today. This is deeply upsetting.

It was gloomy and wet when we came back to town the next morning. Lamy had arranged

Apple? No. This is iOrange.

At least this Chinese knock-off is being utterly shameless about it. "Apple... no. This is iOrange!" Except they misspell it "iOrgane," which is just so deliriously, accidentally filthy.

Everything about this is just tops. I don't even know how to …

Wang's "King of Cigarettes" Cellphone


There is a certain kind of scotch that owners of Wang's King of Cigarettes XYW3838 should drink. Orange. Acrid. $10 a bottle. Details are available to the provincial westerner only through machine trans, but it seems to …

Eemobi: Latest crapvendor shows "strong man style"


Our own cha0tic (friend of the blog!) has discovered another fine Chinese crapvendor. It goes by the name of "Eemobi", and it is resplendent in its awkward English.

An example, as they pitch this somewhat intriguing cellphone watch:

The watch

China hungers for gadgets


The AFP reports that the Chinese are sick of being last in the gadget-availability game, and go to great lengths to import high-tech items from the U.S. It's a curious situation, given that they make much of it in the …

China blocks iTunes Store after release of Songs for Tibet album

SHM is reporting that China has blocked off all access to Apple's online iTunes Store after they discovered that several Olympic athletes had been purchasing the Songs for Tibet album, a pro-Tibetan album featuring 20 artists including Sting, Moby, Suzanne …