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China digitally fakes 2008 Olympics fireworks


According to the Beijing Times, 55 seconds of the televised Olympics 2008 firework display? Completely fake:

Anyone who saw the opening to the Bejing Olympics would agree that the fireworks display was exceptional, but those watching at home

Cabel Sasser's fireworks packaging explosion! (image! gallery!)


Cabel Sasser's gallery of fireworks packaging is not to be missed, especially if you love viewing our society through the eyes of a Photoshop-equipped Chinese factory designer.

Yay! Fireworks! [ via ★]

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Video: Homemade Chinese autogyro

The "shanzhai huaxiangji" is a homemade autogyro created by a Chinese farmer. Kottke said there was so doubt as to whether or not this was a real creation, but unless someone is going through a lot of trouble to create …

Possibly Chinese truck crashes at 40MPH, practically vaporizes

This video purports to be a crash test for a Chinese truck. That may not be the actual truth, but considering the fact that this 40MPH crash ended up with pureed crash test dummy limbs spitting out of the tail …

Latest Oobject gallery looks inside Chinese factories


David Galbraith, curator over at Oobject, writes about his latest gallery showing the insides of Chinese factories:

Although a couple of these are from a photo essay, I've tried to pull as many as poss from publicity material. A

The Mouse Phone is painted like Mickey's mutant brother (Update: it's not Mickey at all!)


There's some weird story of failed corporate dealings behind this tiny, two-inch Mouse phone. It has the shape of an official Mickey Mouse phone, but the face painted on the three interconnected ovals is not Mickey's... rather, it's some sort …

Chinese-Made 'Hillbilly' Prank Teeth Recalled for Excessive Lead


UPI reports:

The CPSC said the importer, Funtastic of Houston, initiated the recall because gray surface paint on the teeth was found to contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.

I am picking and frowning.…

Chinese-Made Gadgets Going to Get More Expensive

From Alexandra Harney's piece at Slate:

The era of cheap Chinese consumer goods may finally be ending, thanks to irrepressible inflation. Now when the Chinese present their lists, some American importers are conceding higher prices, meaning that American shoppers,

Chinese Cigarette Phone Looks Like a Pack of Marlboros


Sylvia writes:

From the front, it looks like a real pack of Marlboros.  You can even put real cigarettes in it.  But secretly, it's a cell phone.  The best part is the side-mounted camera feature - people might be looking MP4 Player Reviewed (Verdict: Barely Functional)


CrunchGear reviews the a generic 2GB media player from which is styled suspiciously like a certain Apple phone. Sadly it appears that the player, which costs just $70, is a bit of a turd, barely able to be connected …