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Digital Abacacus Worthy of Count Chocula


Brando's $10 Soft Solar Chocolate Calculator comes in three flavors, er, colors: dark, coffee, and strawberry. If you buy one for a Valentine, I suggest also throwing in the white chocolate keyboard.

LG Announces Leaning Monolith of Chocolate


Engadget has the details, as they are, of LG's forthcoming Chocolate sequel: out in August and slathered in marketing nonsense like "The new LG Chocolate will be a disruptive force in conventional mobile screens in an effort to maximize …

Un Petit Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler


Mark Wilson:

The sensation is akin to sucking a tiny bit of cocoa powder through a straw. And while not necessarily enjoyable in any way, it was admittedly a lot of chocolate flavor for only .8 calories a stick.

White chocolate keyboard


I can but echo Wired's pre-emptive review: "Yummy."

This image is apparently somewhere atFeckless via unicornology and Cellar Door via kmlog via tweexcore via Noquedan via Gadget Lab. If anyone knows where it really comes from, do

Ripple Mini Chocolate is Atom-based, Mac Mini-like


If not for that dreadful, two-inch tall logo etched into the front, doing its damnedest to fontographically evoke the logo font of the Apple IIe, the Ripple .mini Chocolate would be a rather attractive solution for light weight computer tasks. …

Nintendo Wii Mii-Shaped Chocolates for Valentine's Day


Paul Pape is offering these Mii-shaped chocolate treats for Valentine's Day, shipped in a Nintendo Wii-shaped box. The figures aren't based on your own Mii avatars, but that's fine. I'm sure they'd cost more than $15 if they did.