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Review: A puke stain with the Bissell SpotBot Pet


Sometimes, my dogs puke. This is because they eat everything from grass to flip flops to sheets of paper towel soiled with grease. Twice, Ruby got into a huge bag of dark green iron pills and had to get her …

Lattices, cells, modules: tomorrow's hard-to-dust architecture


The organic cellular design encoded in nature remains a popular theme in futuristic design. Oobject's gallery of buildings, chairs and inexplicable thingies suggests two things: firstly, that our childrens' spaces will have lots of links, bubbles and compartments.

And secondly, …

Coway's sonic dish-cleaning wand


I hate doing dishes. My sink is filled with them; I put their scouring off as long as possible, at least until the fungal growths begin to bloom and wreak havoc with my sinuses or the first-generation egg sacks burst …

Ladybug Robot Cleans Rest Stop Bathrooms


This not-so-little ladybug robot is designed to automatically clean restrooms located next to Japanese rest areas. Inside each "Lady Bird" model are water tanks, brushes, and cleaning supplies, while microphones in her antenna can listen to patrons and respond with …

Hand-Held Vacs: Alessi's Beauty and Dyson's Beast


This strange little milkpod is a hand held vacuum cleaner from Alessi, now available in the United States for $140. (Available on Amazon or Retromodern. It's made from polished stainless and white plastic. Use it to clean up Cheerios …

LapTop Pro Keyboard and Screen Cleaning Tool


I've no idea how well this "LapTop Pro" dual keyboard and screen cleaner tool might actually work, but since I wage a weekly war on the cruft and gunk that gets on my keyboard—mostly skin oils, which is gross, I …