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Touch-Sensitive Hoodie Lights Up, Plays Tunes

Leah Buechley Kanjun Qiu* designed this hoodie at the MIT Media Lab using a LilyPad Arduino, power supply, LEDs, tiny speaker and iron conductive fabric.*


I've looked at a ton of light up garments, El Wire, etc. This is one …

Congruent Neckties


The "Congruent Necktie" is a patent-pending bit of neck-tech that allows the stripes of a tie to align with those of its knot, using some foul sorcery to be sure. They're sixty bucks each.

Coming soon: Horizontal Inline Neckties and …

Patagonia OutsideIn modular shoes


Patagonia's OutsideIn footwear comes in two parts: a soft upper with a light tread on the bottom, suitable for indoor wear; and a glueless, strap-on latex bottom that makes the shoes suitable for outdoor use. Replacement latex treads can be …

World's most expensive shirt is mostly jewelry


I don't mind "World's Most Expensive" items when the companies behind them acknowledge their nature as promotional stunt. Before this shirt from Eton will be auction off for charity it will be taking a tour through some of the company's …

Calculator Belt Buckle


Despite a love of calculators* and big, shiny belt buckles, this convergence does not appeal to my outer geek.

Well, okay, it does. But I'm resisting. It's $10, plus shipping. Worth every penny if you can use the lines …

Survival Mosque by Azra Akšamija


"Survival Mosque" is a political and artistic statement in kit form, concealing several items designed to help Muslims deal with a jingoist American culture. Inside, explains We Make Money Not Art, is:

an American-flag pattern that communicates patriotism, an

Run Athletics Legacy x Nintendo Sneakers (Plus Party)


Run Athletics (a shoe company) and Nintendo have teamed up to release this pair of sneakers emblazoned with the Mario Bros. "M" on the tongue and a Power Star motif on the side. I see no price. (Probably a couple …

Pants with Integrated Tourniquet


While it's not actually being used in any military clothing yet, it's not difficult to see how the Blackhawk Integrated Tourniquet System (I.T.S.) could find its way into the pants of our fighting men and women. To staunch the flow …