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Comcast: Most Pittsburghers to get double internet speed at no extra cost

I got a phone call from Comcast last night. A recorded message told me that the service would be briefly down for upgrades in the early hours, and that the result would be double internet speeds for "most" customers at …

Financial collapse denies Comcast coveted award

AIG, the financial services company that became emblematic of the market crash and subsequent abuse of taxpayer bailout money, is the worst company in America. Defeating TV and internet provider Comcast in a final round of voting, it now …



Why can't Comcast send me nice letters like this.…

FCC casts withering look at Comcast, warns of wrist slap next time


The FCC has voted. No punishment for Comcast, but marching orders. Reuters:

Comcast Corp has been ordered to change how it manages its broadband network after U.S. communications regulators concluded some of its tactics unreasonably restrict Internet users who

Rumor: Comcast to meter bandwidth. Good or bad thing?


ExtremeTech asks today if Comcast – rumored to be about to start metering bandwidth – is "preparing to screw its customers."

While it's true that Comcast screws its customers, metering bandwidth strikes me as a fairer modus buggerandi

Comcast disconnects Dave Winer

Superblogger and RSS pioneer Dave Winer got his internet cut off by Comcast. Why? Because he uses too much of his unlimited service. The story is good and deserves to be read, so there's no reason to abridge it here. …

Comcast Degrades HD Signal to Add More Channels


According to one AVSForum user, Comcast has started adding even more compression to their HD channels In order to squeeze more HD channels down the same pipe. "bfdtv," the forum poster, recorded MPEG2 streams from Verizon FIOS TV and Comcast. …

AT&T to Filter Internet Traffic; Comcast Investigated by FCC for Filtering Internet Traffic

From Bits blog at the New York Times:

Mr. Cicconi said that AT&T has been talking to technology companies, and members of the MPAA and RIAA, for the last six months about implementing digital fingerprinting techniques on the network

LEGO TV Coming to Comcast for the Holidays


LEGO has announced a special content program called "LEGO TV" that will be available exclusively on Comcast On-Demand through the holidays. Most of it sounds more promotional than instructional, but the BrickFest footage might be interesting.

Catch great LEGO mini-movies