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These NERF cannons can not be


Weston Boege created these concept NERF N-Force guns for an upcoming NERF-branded game for the Nintendo Wii. They'll never be real, but we can still dream about a NERF bazooka that shoots a single, giant round into the faces of …

The Isophone: Conference calls meet sensory deprivation


AT&T goes Altered States. Verizon goes pre-cog Minority Report. Sprint goes Pyramidhead. Designed by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, the Isophone allows you to make calls with total sensory deprivation... because listening to your mother complain about …

The Key Thing is a wall-mountable keyhole orb


House keys tend to naturally gravitate towards the place they want to be. In the front pocket, beneath the radiator, gurgling in the u-bend of the toilet after a night drinking. But like the penis, it prefers to be ensconced, …

ThisWay recumbent bicycle concept


The latest example of "beautiful spindly things that will never be built", the "ThisWay" bike by designer Torkel Dohmers, is imagined to be built of flax fiber and carbon fiber with a clip-on battery charged by rooftop solar panel for …

LightLane concept paints laser bike lane for drivers to ignore


American bicyclists are a wistful lot. With the encroachment of an Obama presidency, rising gas prices and a recognized recession, they imagine that America's city streets will be reforged with dedicated bicycle lanes... and, as a bicyclist myself, I certainly …

Toyota joining electric car race by 2012


Reuters reports from the Detroit Auto Show about Toyota's FT-EV concept vehicle, an all-electric commuter car based on the iQ super-compact. Toyota says to expect sales of the FT-EV (which will surely be rebranded) in 2012, joining Nissan and …

The Waterbirth Vessel: the miracle of life meets the jacuzzi


Gentlemen, behold, my latest invention: the Waterbirth Hot Tub! The miracle of life... now in frappe form! Simply dump your pregnant wife in and add water. Let flow, the juices of creation! The blood and amniotic fluid! The evacuated bowels! …

Hanging notebook hard drive concept wouldn't work, but one can dream


I love this concept spotted by Yanko Designer for an external hard drive enclosure designed to hang off the lids of notebooks. I know it wouldn't work nearly as well in real life, causing the laptop to either slam closed …

Eolos: Ceci n'est pas une pipe


Yanko Design — enthusiastic posters of all things pie-in-the-sky conceptual — have dampened their seats and filled the air with squeeing over this concept pipe by designer Hakan Bogazpinar. Says Yanko:

When I think of pipe smoking, I imagine an

Dyson Sphere lighting: Chris Natt's Stimuli 3.0 lamp


Conceptual sci-fi cocktease though it certainly is, the Stimuli 3.0 lamp is the desk lamp of Darth Vader, the pulsating hyperdrive core of reality-skipping aliens, the unfolding lantern of the Autobot Leadership Matrix, the outer coating of a Dyson Sphere …