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Sony files patent on any-object motion control


Silicon Era uncovers a patent, filed by Sony, for using everyday objects as game controllers.

Sony details a system where a camera can dynamically map an object -- any real world object -- for use in a video game. The

Logitech Flight System G940


Proper flight sticks are few and far between these days, with an active market—or at least sort of active—for even used models. With flight simulators no longer a major market for videogames, there just isn't as much of …

Wii Super Famicom/SNES controller


It's a stunning $75 at [Kotaku]…

Stylish USB joypad


Dream Cheeky's silver-finish USB gamepad is probably the closest any such device will ever get to "tasteful." A 6-foot cable, OSX drivers and rubber base suggest that the makers have thought things through a little, but the d-pad looks terrible.…

PlayStation 3 Chat Pad


Announced practically at the same time as Microsoft's improved Xbox 360 controller, Sony unveiled their latest addition to their line of PlayStation 3 accessories at GC yesterday: the PS3 Wireless Keypad, a QWERTY typing add-on that snaps on to any …

Judge orders Nintendo to stop selling patent violating Wii and Gamecube controllers


Nintendo's no stranger to frivolous patents — it does hold one for "handheld software emulation" after all, much to the EFF's chagrin — but they've just fallen afoul of one. U.S. Dictrict Judge Ron Clark has ordered Nintendo to either …

Guitar Hero pedals for amputees


Portable console designer Ben Heck's latest project is a Guitar Hero hack that adds a useable floor pedal to the guitar controller. The pedal's most universal application is to allow you to use the whammy bar like a wa-wa pedal, …

RiffMaster Guitar Hero Controller Reviewed (Verdict: Skip It or DIY)


The "AG RiffMaster" is a Guitar Hero/Rock Band controller for the Playstation 2, built into a real wooden-body guitar. (Not the first by any means, but the first commercially produced model.)

Sadly, IGN reviewed the RiffMaster and …