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Tron Turquoise Is The New Black

With Tron Legacy set to debut in 2010, don't be surprised if turquoise and, more specifically, turquoise LED strips get slapped onto anything and everything.

Exhibit A: The Pulse, a concept fixed-gear with electric turn signals and a luminescent …

Core77 made a bicycle: The Dutch Master


And a lovely bike it is:

The Dutch Master features stem and pedals from Brooklyn Machine Works, maker of high-end, indestructible parts. The Brooks saddle and the Dapper Dan grips, both leather, provide unparalleled feel and an authentic patina.

Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2009 taking submissions


Do you have a notion of a greener way to create or use consumer electronics? Core77 once again hosts the "Greener Gadgets Design Competition", with a grand prize of $3,000 to be voted on by a live panel in NYC.…

77 gifts include Shuriken Magnets and sketchy bottle cap hole punch


Not all of Core77's holiday gift guide items are gems, but I like their two exclusive items quite a bit: The Shuriken Magnets ($19 a pair) have one tine removed, giving the impression they've been embedded in a target; …

Enerjar and Other Winners of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition


The winners of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition have been posted on the web, including the Grand Prize winning Enerjar, the "do-it-yourself power meter." There are several smart, interesting designs, but the Enerjar really does look great, with plans …

Still Time to Enter the Greener Gadgets Design Competition


Allan writes:

Core77 has launched the Greener Gadgets Design Competition to coincide with the upcoming Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City on February 1st. One of the unique elements of this competition is that finalists will be judged live,