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A Wall-E and EVE of staggering awesomeness


Ignoring the slightly disconcerting subtext of a father and son dressing up as Pixar's post-apocalyptic robot lovers, the Eve and Wall-E Halloween costumes of Anthony and his son are the best things I have ever seen.

Eve and Wall-E [Flickr …

Beware the clomping of the candy-fueled Chicken Walker

This kid's costume is undeniably awesome, but I'm not quite sure it's what he wanted. Quoth his Dad:

So my middle son asked to be a robot for Halloween. We had a great time building this but I believe he

Replica AirWolf Helmet with Working "Speed Visor"


This replica helmet based on those seen in the '80s network series AirWolf has a "fully-functional Speed Visor," as well as an "LED targeting bar" and some other stuff, like five switches to boost up to Over-Awesome. It's available on …