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Retroscope: hand-cranked flip book


Dug North uncovered these neat "Retroscopes," hand-cranked flip books that endless repeat a short animated scene. They're created by Joe Freedman as part of the Sarabande Press. They do appear to be for sale, but it looks like you have …

Freeplay Companion Crank- and Solar-Powered Radio, Charger


Freeplay Energy is set to sell the "Freeplay Companion," an AM/FM radio with the typical Freeplay crank for powering the device, as well as an integrated solar panel, flashlight, and phone charger. The best thing is the price: around $30.…

EternaLight GeneRay X1 Crank Flashlight


This isn't a new product—and I'm 90% sure it's sourced from the same place as similar models slapped with a thousand different brands—but you've got to give credit where it's due: naming a crank-powered LED flashlight the "GeneRay X1" is …