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Uncut currency wraping paper makes Christmas morning a felony


You can wrap your Christmas presents like a stroke victim, or you can wrap them like Carlos Slim HelĂș, in sheets of crisp, uncut $50 dollar bills. The drawback: these bills come from the treasury themselves, they are real currency …

Top X: 10 Perfectly Pure Gadgets


By BBG Staff

Perfection? Some gadgets are already perfect. They don't need further technological advancement. They're pure. If you change one thing about them significantly, you make them worse. You change their nature entirely. When someone finally comes up with

QUIDs: Loose Change for Zero-G Pockets


It's all a goofy-ass gimmick to promote a foreign exchange company, but a group of "scientists" has developed QUIDs—Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denominations—rounded polymer chits to be used for transactions "in space."

"None of the existing payment systems we use on