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MLB urns and caskets for the seventh-inning slump-over


From the company that brought you Star Trek urns and caskets comes this new line of funereal accessories inspired by Major League Baseball. $800 for the urn, $4,500 for the caskets, each with the livery of your favorite teams, as …

The thirty deaths by electrocution


Peeing is fraught with danger in Austria.

Elekroshutz is a book at Vienna's Technisches Museum, containing thirty illustrations of how one can die by electricity. Bre Pettis uploaded the lot to Flickr! Here's a slideshow.

30 Ways to Die

The Light Switch of Doom


This pic really does have a fresh surprise in it each time you come back to it. [via JWZ]…

Man falls to death after being tased by Brooklyn cops


Iman Morales, approached by police after yelling at passers-by, started swinging a fluorescent light tube at officers. He fell 10 feet to his death after being Tased.

It's the odd details that linger.

Photo: Richard Box

Bloomberg: Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs: No, bozos, I'm not.


Bloomberg is saddened to report the death of Steve Jobs. More saddened: Steve Jobs, clawing feverishly at the silk-lined lining of his casket while the dying light of his battery-deprived iPhone casts a symbolically significant "Golden Egg" upon the claustrophobic …

Dying for 3G? 6 cell-tower technicians fall to death in 5 weeks

A rise in cell-tower deaths is being attributed to the breakneck rollout of 3G cellular services, which require equipment on the tall installations to be upgraded. Fortune's Apple blog tallies five deaths in only 12 days, following months of accident-free …

British to supply robot spider droid army to U.S. Military


Having written the headline before reading the actual story, and finding it thereafter to be false, it must remain as-is because it's what should have happened. In truth, the "spider" is but one design offered to illustrate the proposed "miniature …

Air jack: space hopper for cars


If good gadgets are those whose purpose and method of operation are obvious from a photo, then the truly great ones are those in which the grisly consequences of failure are equally clear. What then, is the Exhaust Air Jack? …

Where Every Man Has Gone Before


A funerary vendor called "Eternal Image" has licensed the Star Trek brand to provide a line of urns and caskets inspired by the sci-fi series. The first two products are an urn, a metallic sphere held aloft by three Starfleet…